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Puppy Care, Dog Walking, and Cat Sitting

No matter what breed or size, we always take excellent care of your pet. At Yorkville Pet Care, our specialists are dedicated to meeting the needs of your dog or cat while you are away from home. For pet owners living in New York, New York, we offer a full range of services, including cat sitting and puppy care services.

Walking Your Dog While You Are Away

Get your dogs the exercise they need while you are at work. We offer high-quality dog walking services. We work with you to devise the frequency and schedule of your dog's walks. Our walkers keep your dogs on a consistent schedule by taking them out at the same time every day, and we never pack walk. The walking service we offer ranges from 15-minute relief walks to 2+ hour walks that are perfect for high-energy dogs.

Puppy Packages

Puppies require more attention and care than adult dogs, so our puppy care packages are highly specific to your new pup. We visit your house as much as three times per day, and help with everything, from housebreaking to obedience training. We work very closely with you to decide what special attention your puppy needs.

Dog Boarding (In your home or ours)

We provide personalized kennel free in home boarding at your home or ours. Go away on vacation knowing your pet has the excellent, stress free, loving care. 

Dog Walking

Caring for Cats

When you go out of town, hire our passionate professionals to look after your cat. We stop by your house once or twice per day, and spend time entertaining your favorite feline. Our visits last between 30-minutes to an hour, according to your preference.